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Interview with Emily Rose of Haven

Emily Rose in Haven
Emily Rose stars in Haven, a supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid which co-stars Eric Balfour (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 24, Skyline) & Lucas Bryant (M.V.P., Faux Baby). Emily Rose is Audrey Parker – an FBI agent who ends up in Haven, Maine chasing an escaped prisoner, and encounters Haven's supernatural Troubles in the process. After successfully resolving a situation involving a Troubled person she is invited to stay by Chief Wuornos, both for her ability to "see what's right in front of [her]" and her sympathetic method of dealing with those afflicted by The Troubles. Audrey initially is "on loan" to Haven's Police Department, but eventually quits the FBI in order to take a permanent job with Haven PD and continue helping the town in dealing with The Troubles. Here's what Emily had to say about working on Haven to date. 

Emily Rose in Haven
 Hi, Emily. Thanks for spending some time with us this afternoon. Thank you very much. 

Oh, thank you.

How is it that Haven differentiates from some of the other non-reality supernatural theme shows? What makes the show different than the other TV shows with a supernatural theme? 

I think that the look of the show is very unique. I feel like we aren’t shot on a studio and we’re not shot in a place that is commonly shot in. We’re not shot in Vancouver or Toronto or Los Angeles or New York. We’re shooting at a very small tiny town and we actually are one of the last shows that is actually shot on film. 

So, when you shoot a show on film people don’t quite realize it, but it does give it a completely different look, and we light not like a normal television show. We light very moody and, you know, (Eric Tayla) our (DP) does an amazing job at doing that. And so, those things already give the texture of our town so much pop and a different quality. 

And then on top of that, you layer in just some of the, you know, this weird, weird banter and weird quirky moments. We’re not afraid to have awkward moments and I really enjoy that about our show and I think that’s what sets us apart. 

Emily Rose
So initially, what was it that you drew you to the show?   

I think for me I just really enjoyed the character of Audrey. When I read it I just thought that she was really cool and really sassy and really sarcastic and fun. And the fact that they wrote these really quirky characters, and I know I say that a lot, but it’s really when you read scripts and you don’t just see these normal characters that would maybe just be accepted by all the popular crowds. You kind of get refreshed that there’s actually well-written characters that ride a tandem bicycle or think little details like that that kind of make you go, “Wow, what is this town about?”  

I - it was really this role for me, I could really feel it, and so that to me was intriguing, you know, this character of Audrey that was so determined and wanted to figure out what was going on, but then had this little weak spot of not knowing her own history. To me that’s what hooked me in.  

Emily Rose is Audrey Parker
Flipping that, what personality traits in Audrey do you find annoying?  

Oh, I think the ones that are similar to myself. The fact that she’s so stubborn sometimes. And I think too, just this need to help people all the time. I think that’s a very endearing quality and I think it’s great, but to her detriment it kind of distracts her from taking care of herself. 

She’s very much a workaholic and that’s something that I think I - sometimes I just want her to be like, “You know what, the police station’s going to be fine. I need to go look into my family history. I need to figure out where I came from.” I just want to take her on that journey sometimes just because I so desperately want to know where she came from too.   

Eric Balfour (left), Emily Rose (right)
What would you consider to be the big head turning, “I can’t believe they did this moment,” from last season?  

I feel like we found out that Audrey could be Lucy really, that that was maybe her in the picture. That was the first head-turning moment, and that came at the tail end of Episode 12. And then, to then discover, I mean it’s like she got slapped once and then to slap her on the other side and tell her that she’s probably not even an FBI Agent that she may be impersonating an Agent was a pretty big deal. And then, that was also, you know, with the Chief exploding, I think that - those were three pretty big sucker punches all right in a row. 

What has been like the oddest occurrence that’s happened to you or the - and the rest of the cast (included) during the filming of the last season?

What I think is funny is that there’ll be episodes where we’ll be dealing with things like the Butterfly episode. We’ll have tons of butterflies or the electricity episode; there’ll be kind of like some weird like electrical or power outages that have been happening. To me that’s the weird thing is that some of the episodes that we have there will be some kind of correlating event that occurs. I just hope it doesn’t - we don’t have any correlating deaths or anything like that. 

Emily Rose
What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t expect to know of? What is it about you that maybe surprises people, that is a surprise?

I could watch hours and hours of HGTV forever and ever and ever. But, I think like the fact that I am really great with computers and love to edit and love to do editing on my laptop at home and photography and things like that.

And I told a story today that caught some people off guard that I started my Jeep in high school with a tube of cover up before, so I know how to get cars started and have had to do so in the past. So, I think that’s kind of surprising.

Emily Rose (left), Lucas Bryant (right)
My last question is, if you were - (say the) producers were putting you in charge you to write the script, who would choose? Would you choose Lucas or Eric?

I know the question, a girl never tells that answer. I can’t tell that answer. That’s my little secret.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much.

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