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Interview with Jon Fleming of Frat House Massacre

What's Jon Fleming, of the deliciously gory slasher opus Camp Slaughter (aka Camp Haze) and the recently released Frat House Massacre, all about? ....Well in his own words - Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Ever since starring in Camp Slaughter, Jon Fleming has either surprised, shocked or titillated horror fans either playing the type of killers that audiences love to hate, a love interest in the cult favorite Dante's Cove or using his sex appeal to provoke a response. Jon Fleming is certainly one actor that can't be labeled as boring. We here at Big Daddy Horror Reviews will be keeping an eye out to see what bold movie Mr. Fleming will be making next. In the meantime, check out what Jon Fleming had to say when we picked apart his brain with this interview.

So who is Jon Fleming and what are you all about?  

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  

You also have worked a bit for director Alex Pucci and Scream Kings. How did you meet up with Alex and company and get involved in their films?  

I auditioned to play a lead villain role in Camp Slaughter and from there he asked me to play another villain in Frat House Massacre.  

With these roles in Camp Slaughter and Frat House Massacre, how did you get yourself into the mindset to play these types of roles? 

There is no mindset. When playing an evil character, your actions cannot be pre-determined. Most people do not know any evil killers in real-life. So the audience's perception of what an evil villain is should come organically in the moment. 

Both films revisit another time, another place- the late 70's, the early 80's. Can you tell us a story about being involved in the fashions, the music of those films respective eras on set? 

I loved every second of both of them. I have a record player at home and all I listen to is 70's and 80's music on vinyl. 

There was lots of blood and gore in Frat House Massacre. What was it like working around all those special effects? 

I would leave set with all the special-effects blood on me, run into a restaurant, ask them where the bathroom is and then upon leaving, I would still have all the special-effects blood on and say, "thank you" to the person who pointed me in the right direction. 

The obligatory what was your favorite memory or favorite aspect about being involved in those film? 

I just enjoyed being on set, hassling the wardrobe lady to get me shorter shorts, a fresh white headband every morning on Camp Slaughter, and scolding the craft service lady on the set of Frat House Massacre for not using real Wisconsin cheese. Other than that, I love seeing how creating a movie is such a team process.

And the more difficult aspects? 

The more difficult parts of shooting are the long hours and late nights.  

You also starred in Dante's Cove. These projects have made it so that you are seen as a sex symbol. What's your take on being seen in that light? 

Honestly, I think it's flattering. I take it as a compliment. And I'm thankful for all my fans. 

I have to ask a question I know a lot of your fans are wondering about, they announced a season 4 of Dante's Cove and then nothing. Any idea as to what happened? 

I haven't heard anything. Let me know when you do. 

You are often cast as evil characters or sex symbols. Do you worry about the pigeonholing your career and limiting the amount of roles you can play? 

I like playing the evil characters better, because I feel like it gives me more freedom to be creative and improv. People don't know what to expect from a villain. And ladies love outlaws. 

So what's next for you? Anything you would like to plug? 

I am playing the lead villain in a movie director Alex Pucci is shooting in LA.  

Any final comments? 

Thanks to anyone who has ever watched any of the shows or movies I have been in. Without you, I couldn't be an actor.

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