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Andrew Allan - Brainjacked
Jonelle Allen - The Midnight Hour (1985)
Lynn Andrews III - Throwing Stones
Aaron Ashmore - Warehouse 13
Peter Atencio - The Rig

Eric Balfour - Haven
Reggie Bannister - One for the Road & Phantasm
Mandy Bannon - Last Breath
Abel Berry - Kodie
Mark Bessenger - Bite Marks
Bart D. Van Bemmel - Throwing Stones
David Buchert - Blood Oath
Ezra Buzzington - Someone's Knocking at the Door

A.D. Calvo - The Haunting of Amelia
A.D. Calvo - The Melancholy Fantastic
Christa Campbell - 2001 Maniacs
Tara Cardinal - Song of the Shattered
Katie Carmen - Eat Me!
Ash Catherwood - Severance (2010)
Dean Chapmen - The Spade County Massacre
Thomas J. Churchill - Emerging Past
Derek Cole - M (2010)
Jason Paul Collum - October Moon & November Son
John Francis Conway - Blockhead
Stephen Corron - Puzzled
Gabriel Cowan - Growth
David A. Cross - Respire

David DeCoteau - Sorority Babes & The Brotherhood
Pen Densham - The Kiss
Luke Drake - The Maze 

Elias - Gut
Andrew C. Erin - Sam's Lake
Reese Eveneshen - Dead Genesis

Sonny Fernandez - Bleed
Christian Ferrer - Vampire Boys
Levi Fiehler - Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
Barry Fitzgerald - Ghost Hunters International
Shawn French - The Wrong House
Griff Furst - Mask Maker

Dany Gehshan - Kennyville
Andrew Gernhard - Attack of the Sasquatch
Jeff Dylan Graham - Fell & Psychosomitka
Jeff Dylan Graham (Part II) - Fell & Psychosomtika
Joshua Grannell - All About Evil

Wayne Henrique - Attack of the Killer Turds


Rane Jameson - Frat House Massacre
Meghan Jones - Spring Break Massacre
Ty Jones - Last Breath

Jon Keeyes - American Nightmare
Alan Rowe Kelly - Don't Look in the Basement
Jack Kenny - Warehouse 13
Rolfe Kanefsky - There's Nothing Out There
Kevin Kiser - Horrid
Jacob Knapp - Down with the Boogey
Matthew Kohnen - Aaah! Zombies!!
Robert Kurtzman - Wishmaster
Allison Kyler - VH1's Scream Queens 2

Aaron Laue - Last Breath
Jason Lockhart - Vampire Boys
Veronika London - Black Eve
Danny Lopes - The Locals & Torture Chamber

Lisa Musser - Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story

Thomas Newman - Bong of the Dead
Derek North - 1313: Giant Killer Bees!

Bill Oberst Jr. - Vivid & The Devil Within 



Emily Rose - Haven
Andrew Roth - The Man in the Maze & 15 Till Midnight

Boston Stergis - Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story
Peter Stickles - Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong

Tracy Teague - Respire
James Tucker - Aunt Rose



Kris Williams - Ghost Hunters International




Director Charlie Vaughn of Vampire Boys
Actress Elizabeth Lee of Eat Me! / Off Season
Director Frank Sabatella of Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Director Henry Saine of The Last Lovecraft
Director Brooks Hunter of Kenneyville
Director Jason Toler of Half Moon
Director Steve Shimek of The Maze
Actor / director Brandon Slagle of Vivid
Director / host Lee Martin of Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour
Director Chris Moore of Perversion
Director Andrew N. Shearer of Faces of Shlock
Director Dante Tomaselli of Torture Chamber
Director Kris Hulbert of The Perfect House
Director Royce Mathew of Dream A Little Evil
Actress Angela O' Neill of Sorority House Massacre
Director Andrew N. Shearer of Faces of Schlock
Director Rolfe Kanefsky of There's Nothing Out There
Actor Spencer Harlan of Throwing Stones
Director Ian Powell of Seeing Heaven
Director Marc Roussel of Remote
Director John Lechago of Killjoy 3
Actor Daniel Ross of Ninjas vs Vampires
Director Israel Luna of Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives
Director J.A. Steele on Blood Fare
Director Neil Meschino of Mold!
Director Richard Powell of Worm
Director Brain Troxell of Deep Seeded
Producer, director, actress Sage Hall (Candy)
Director Joe Hollow on Cut and Bloodstruck
Actor Riley Smith (Voodoo Academy, Lovers Lane, Eight Legged Freaks)
Actor Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp, The Perfect House)
Director Kevin Tenney (Brain Dead, Night of the Demons)
Actress Julianna Robinson of Aaah! Zombies!!
Actor Andy Hooper of Silent Night, Zombie Night
Director Pete Jacelone of Sculpture
Director Lisa Menzel of Thinking Speed
Actress Nicolette Le Faye (President's Day)
Actor Bradley Stryker (Final Stab, The Brotherhood, Wolves of Wall Street)
Actress Anika C. McFall on CAMP SLAUGHTER
Actress Sarah Lassez on THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT
Director George VanBuskirk on CAMP HOPE aka Camp Hell
Producer Morgan Muscat (Suffer The Little Children, Severance)
Actor Scott Westmoreland of SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II
Writer / Producer Paul Hart-Wilden of Wolf Town
Director Justin McConnell (The Collapsed, The Eternal)
Actor Rex Steven Sikes of MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH
Director Robert Harari of The Murder Game
Director Allen Plone on NIGHT SCREAMS
Special Effects Artist / Director Marcus Koch (Fell, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp)
Director Kyle Richards of AMATEUR MONSTER MOVIE
Actor Robert Nolan (Worm, Eyes Beyond, The Devil Walks Among You)
Director Skip Schoolnik on HIDE AND GO SHRIEK
Director Scott Phillips (The Stink of Flesh, Gimme Skelter)
Director Joshua A. Siegel of BLOODWOOD CANNIBALS
Director David A. Prior on Killer Workout
Shane Michaels Founder of Blood and Guts Productions
Actor Joel D. Wynkoop (Brainjacked, Truth or Dare: Screaming For Sanity) Click here for full the article
Actor Shawn C. Phillips (Assault of the Sasquatch) Click here for the full article
Director Ryan M. Andrews (Black Eve, A New Design)
Director / Actor Justin Timpane (Ninjas Vs. Zombies) Click here to read the full article
Director Daniel Reininghaus (Eyes Beyond) Click here for the full article
Director Jeff Lieberman (Squirm, Satan's Little Helper) Click here for the full article
Career Retrospective With Director Michael Hoffman (Spring Break Massacre) Click here to read the full article
Actress DeVanny Pinn of Piranha 3-D, Song of the Shattered, Dog Fight Click here to read the full article
Author Rhonda Kachur of Rebecca Click here to read the full article
Director Chris Power of Long Pigs Click here to read the full article
Director Tim Ritter of Truth or Dare Click here to read the full article
Director Tammi Sutton of Sutures Click here to read the full article
Actress Kelli Maroney of Chopping Mall, The Zero Boys and Night of the Comet Click here to read the full article
First peek with director Vito Trabucco of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp Click here to read the full article
Michael Hoffman (Director of Spring Break Massacre) Click here to read the full article
Retrospective with director Katt Shea.  Click here to read the full article
Arik Martin (Producer and Writer of Sympathy) Click here to read the full article
Emil Hyde (Producer, Writer and Director of The Landlord) Click here to read the full article

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